Telecommunications and public utility service providers usually have very large numbers ofclients. Their service offerings, partnerships and internal businessprocesses are all highly complex. COSMOSS™ represents the perfectsolution for them, covering customer service processes from customerdata management through service processing to invoicing and customer currentaccount management. COSMOSS™ supports the introduction of new services into theexisting service hierarchy, as well as collaboration among service providers.COSMOSS™ makes it possible to manage different client groups within the samesystem, whether services are provided through partners, through acombination of service providers, or as a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator).In addition, it enables customer services to be segmented and meetsinternational standards. The system also includes operations supportfunctionality, such as the workflow module for automating business processesand the web-based customer self-care portal, which significantlyincrease competitive advantage. By design, COSMOSS™ operates according to thestrictest security requirements. The system can also be operated as an outsourcingsolution - the applicationand system hardware environment is hosted and operated by EuroMACC -representing significant cost savings.

Who should choose COSMOSS™?

The system was developed by EuroMACC for telecommunications and utility companies with large numbers of clients.

Companies providing a wide range of services can introduce new services and new discount schemes quickly and easily using the COSMOSS™ system.

Providers operating on different service areas (e.g. in several countries) can manage their customers and customer service centers separately, but within a single system.

How does COSMOSS™ fit into a company's IT environment? 


COSMOSS™ can be fully integrated with any major Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) system. The processing level of the supplied data can be set up for the operator's needs.

COSMOSS™ can also be integrated with other business solutions, such as data mining software and analytical applications. Furthermore, COSMOSS™ modules provide complete solutions to typical business problems like automation of business processes or reporting, all as part of an integrated system.



COSMOSS™ ismodular in design, allowing every provider to build up a system by selectingfunctionality to suit its operations.

CRM module

The CustomerRelationship Management (CRM) module records and manages the customer's coredata, contracts and services. Access to customer data can be controlled byauthorizations, and it is possible to assign separate customer servicefunctions to different client groups.

MPD module

The MessageProcessing and Discounting (MPD) module collects, verifies, rates and assignsdiscounts to transaction records received from the various elements of thetelecommunication network.


This modulerates ordered services and converts usage data and discounts into invoice items,generating invoices in accordance with local laws. In addition to regularbilling of continuous services, the module also allows immediate billing of anyservice, including one-time fees.


The COSMOSS™ MVNO module supports the operation of MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators),and offers two types of solution depending on the tools available to thecompany and on how much it wants to become independent from the donor (mobile)provider.

ICB(Interconnect Billing) module

The COSMOSS™ rating engine allows multiple processing and rating of the same usage recordfor partner rating and settlement. As a result, the rating engine cansimultaneously process CDRs for subscriber billing, as well as interconnectbilling and settlement. The rating process is identical in each case - only thecharged parties and tariffs used for rating are different.

Currentaccount module

The customercurrent account module records the financial credit and debit transactions ofeach client and keeps track of open items as well as the current balance. Themodule supports multiple currencies with flexible exchange rates assigned evento individual clients.

iPAM™ (Workflow) module

This modulecan be used to create, standardize and automate business processes - the processfrom order registration at call center to service activation, for example.

WebCare™ module

This moduleis a Web-based customer self-care portal that allows subscribers to access andmodify their personal data. The WebCare™ module provides high-level support tocustomer services' operations. Tight integration with the workflow moduleensures that the orders received via the customer self-care portal areautomatically routed to the appropriate business processes.


This modulemanages pre-paid services and can also be used as apowerful fraud control tool in a post-paid environment


This moduleis used to run regular and ad-hoc queries and reports, adapted to the variousneeds of the users.






  • Enables introduction of new services and entry to new markets;
  • May be operated in-house, or in outsourcing;
  • Stable, reliable system;
  • Low human resource requirements.


  • Ensures efficient and effective customer service;
  • Business processes may be automated;
  • Complex services;
  • Complex rating and discounting.


  • COSMOSSTM works with other business applications;
  • Easy to integrate new types of services;
  • May be configured and customized according to changing business requirements.
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