IP-basedservice providers are among the world'smost innovative companies: theirservice offering is expanding swiftly while their customer base grows by theday , while competition for market share means they are forced to offer a variety of discounts to their clients.Under such circumstances, there is huge pressure on service providers tocontinue to improve customer relationship management. Large numbers of invoices need to be issued in a timely manner, andthy should accurately list the various services and discounts clients havetaken advantage of. Nonetheless, language and statutory requirements shouldalways be observed, while accurate records need to be kept of invoicing cyclesassigned to each client. hIPer is acustomer relationship management and billing system that performs these tasks outstandingly reliably, while allowingfor easy management of a large number of clients or network of partners in several countries, using a variety oflanguages, and ensuring that all legal requirements of the given country areobserved. The system comes with a user-friendly graphical user interfaceto ensuretransparent and reliable customer relationship management. This is a platform independent solution combineseffectively with other business applications, and may be fully integrated with any accounting and bookkeeping software.

Who should use hIPer

hIPer givesthe edge on the competition for those companies who provide, or wish toprovide, IP-based services and have largenumbers of clients (from hundredsto hundreds of thousands), and plan to implement multi-tier services andpricing methods. hIPer offers data entry staff, executives, partners andclients a system that is transparent andreliable

hIPer fullysupports AAA (Authentication,Authorization, Accounting) functions within the company and providesimmediate and accurate information to accounting and bookkeeping. The systemautomatically forwards revenue and other data to the financial records. 

The partnermanagement module allows possible partner service providers and retailers tocooperate in line with the given business model by getting their owngraphical interface and database. 

What solutions are supported by the hIPer system? 

hIPer provides immediate solutions for VoIP,Internet, WiFi, PSTN, Cable TV as well as Triple Play, VOD and any other content providers

The systemmay be continually expanded, so thatit is indeed a cost-effectivesolution for companies ranging from new entrants to the market with a limitednumber of customers to well-established players with very large numbers ofclients. 

hIPer can easilytranscend national borders, too: The system is capable of producing invoices ina variety of languages and currenciesand in compliance with local legal requirements. The system always provides theuser interface in the appropriate language, while it ensures sstandardized control and management forexecutives. 


Getting your invoices ready

hIPer iscapable of handling large numbers of clients by keeping track of and assigningthe requested services and related pricing information to each client, as well monitoringinvoicing intervals and conditions, while supporting modification wherenecessary. The system is also able to handle several currencies in line withrelevant legal requirements. 


hIPer growsas your company grows: it is a cost-effective solution for small- and medium-sizedservice providers, and due to its modular structure and scalability can safelyhandle a growing number of clients. The system administration work required tokeep the system running can be maintained at an efficient level in any phase ofcompany expansion. It may also be installed to go live very quickly.

Client communication portal

hIPer maybe expanded with the WebCare solution, an Internet-based client portal alsodeveloped by EuroMACC. WebCare provides high-level support to customer supportcenters, it is scalable, and its capacity can be expanded as the number ofclients grow, so that it significantly improves data quality and reduces theneed for resources on the customer support center side.


The EEBPP(EuroMACC Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment) application ensurespreparation, storage and payment methods of electronic invoices conform withthe legal requirements. EEBPP uses company databases to automatically issuelarge numbers of electronic invoices, significantly reducing the cost  of printing hardcopy bills.

Ratingengine (rates and discounts)

hIPer has ahighly flexible rating engine, which allows for secure and reliable output ofinvoices for services with complex pricing models. The engine is capable ofprocessing any specified usage data. The sophisticated discount definitionsystem is supports an extremely wide variety of discount schemes.

Handling clients from several countries

Regionallyexpanding companies must operate invoicing systems according to taxation andother regulations of a number of countries, while invoices must be issued invarious currencies and languages. hIPer offers a complete solution.


hIPer works with its own CRMsystem, which provides a broad range of functions for the management of clientscontracts and service points, as well the services available. In addition, theCRM system may be linked to the existing CRM systems according to a set oftechnical rules to enable their functions to be integrated.

Partner management

Due to its functionality,hIPer provides a number of separated environments for wholesale and outsourcepartners, and can manage and process data flow between specific subsystems.

AAA (Authentication, Authorization, Accounting) protocol support

The AAAprocess is a crucial element of the security of IP services available via thenetwork. One of the most renowned protocol of AAA processes is RADIUS,therefore, hIPer is also capable of operating as a high performance RADIUSserver, ensuring on-line service management.

Business critical application

The billingsystem is one of the most important quality elements of the operation ofcompanies with large numbers of clients: it makes the company credible toitsclients and gives a leading edge over the competitors. hIPer has proven trackrecord of its high performance, high-availability and its foolproof operationboth with dinamically growing domestic companies, and in the globalenvironment.

Monitoring and reporting

hIPer has anumber of monitoring and reporting functions that provide continuous feedbackboth to the operators using the system and to senior management. This givesthem up-to-date information on the operation and effectiveness of theirprocesses. Such functions include Dashboard, Report Maker, Fraud Manager and creationof a list of unresolved calls. 



  • Scalable and cost-effective;
  • This solution expands with the company and its group of clients;
  • High-level availability and secure operation;
  • Large variety of control functions;
  • Low resource requirements.


  • In-house, Internet-based customer support;
  • Integrated with accounting and bookkeeping functions;
  • Easy to implement call card model;
  • Easy to maintain price model;
  • Keeps track of clients, agents, contracts and client communications;
  • Reseller partner network support;
  • Graphical user interface;
  • Also available as outsourced service;
  • Advanced, tailor-made monitoring and reporting framework system.


  • Platform-independent, compatible with other applications;
  • Easily accessible and accurate data, support for data trail analysis;
  • Modular, scalable structure. 

The billing process using hIPer

  1. System initialization: uploading and configuring client, service and price list data.
  2. Upload CRM data: assigning contracts and service points to clients.
  3. Add services: define the services on offer for contracts and service points and their expiry date.
  4. Specify the rating methods and billing cycles: define the relevant tariff package for contracts and service points and the billing cycles for which the rating is given.
  5. Usage date upload and rating: the system retrieves the usage data relevant for the given billing cycle and calculates a price for the services as previously set.
  6. Cycle end: at the end of the billing cycle, the system calculates the items to be included on each invoice, such as fees charged for traffic usage, one-time fees, monthly fees and discounts. The system performs currency conversion and calculates VAT payable.
  7. Preparation control reports: before preparing invoices, the system generates control reports to help identify possible errors.
  8. Invoicing: following approval, the invoice generator automatically prepares the invoices in the format suitable for printing.
  9. Printing: physical printing of the files (in a printing house or on office printer).

Technical background

hIPer is aplatform-independent, Java-based Web application that operates with anyoperating system that supports the running of Java applications. hIPercooperates with the user's databases, while requiring nothing more than abrowser on the client side.