Radius server is a component integrated in a pre-paid system, provideing radius protocol based on UDP communication.

AAA functionality:

Able to send and receive AAA (authentication, authorization, accounting) type messages defined by standard radius protocol and provides AAA functionality with the PP server.

Radius clients based on the common client-server architecture (Network Access Servers) are built on a model handling each request as a unique session. The radius server accepts message only from the Network Access Servers defined previously in the configuration files. It also provides the definition of shared secrets for encrypting messages.

ISU sends a data structure compliant to the content of the received messages to the PPS, which sends back a relevant answer after the necessarry processing.

Trace and log functionality:

Radius message log:

ISU stores every radius messages accepted by the radius server in an XML file with a structure compliant to the pre-defined DTD (access request, accounting start, accounting stop). Each attribute sent in the message will be stored in the logs.

Radius accounting log:

The content of each accounting stop message will be stored in a separate, and DTD compliant XML file. This file means exclusively the source of CDR files.

Event log:

ISU can record relevant processes in a simple text file according to pre-defined levels.

Structure and use of radius server:

ISU is located in a separate jar file, which has been compiled together with PPS system. The PPS system starts radius side on a separate thread. ISU and PPS together provide the radius server functionality towards the radius clients, providing the necessarry AAA functionality. ISU and PPS is a completely separated system except the interface defined to accepting and forwarding requests.