Revenue Assurance (RA) solution provides the possibility to the telecommunication companies of realizing the revenue loss, finding and eliminating the reasons of it, and even getting back the missing revenue as soon as possible at the most effective manner.

Telecommunication service provider companies are generally lose the 2-15% of their annual revenue due to billing mistakes, which can turn the business into loss. The telco company, that uses a revenue assurance IT system, can realize immediate increase in incomes.

Key features of RA system:

  • It must be interfaced to the different OSS systems,
  • It has to track the deviations compared to the data of a reference OSS system,
  • It has to identify the hidden fators generating loss of revenue.

EuroMACC’s COSMOSS™ RA solution combines the most important features of law-based RA systems widely used in the market with sampling based on artificial intelligence, completed with tracking the deviations compared to reference and decision support, to eliminate the problem of losing revenue.

Essential feature of EuroMACC’s COSMOSS™ RA solution is the ability to control the bills generated to the subscriber ensuring that the bill will be compliant to the contract and the services used. Our RA solution also has a „drill-down" feature, which can track the problem from the level of bill generation back to the level of CDRs. Further RA services are:

  • Sophisticated rating motor
  • Service rating
  • Bill generation