The uniqueness of the telecommunication services as well as the requirements of the service providers place special demands on the customer contact and billing systems (CCBS, OSS).  The Operation and Billing system named COSMOSS™ was developed taking these demands into consideration as well as the several decades of experience gained in the telecommunication industry which has been accumulated at our company.

The basic design concept behind the COSMOSS™ system was to create an integrated business management informatics tool for telecommunication service providers. When designing the system the large number of customers which is a characteristic of service providers, customer management, process management, billing, controlling, and providing support for other areas was considered.

Further basic characteristics of the system are as follows:

  • Operational areas: POTS, ISDN, VoIP, IP, Cable TV, leased line, MLLN
  • Multiple level user access
  • Multiple language
  • Multiple currency
  • Menu system which can be parameterised
  • Process controlled -workflow
  • Web-based Graphical User Interface
  • Real time message processing
  • Bulk and individual invoice handling
  • Multiple level price determination
  • Flexible discount handling
  • Cycle billing

The system records the customers and the service connection points. It collects and prices the call records (XDRs) and prepares the bill. It can also record the contacts made between users and customers and can dispatch the faults reported (helpdesk function). The work carried out in the system is supported by an in-built process manager (WorkFlow), thus the learning process is short and the checking and controlling of processes is solved. The COSMOSS™ system solves the customer accounting issues for companies operating a telecommunication network.

EuroMACC has integrated COSMOSST™ at several customers, with outside business management systems, which amongst others includes SAP FI, Co and EIS.