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Due to the uniqueness of telecommunication services and the special requirements of the service providers, customer management and billing systems (CCBS, OSS) have to meet high-level requirements. With these requirements in focus we have developed our OSS/BSS solutions  using the decades of experience we've gathered in the telecommunication industry.

Our concepts behind our products were to create integrated business management tools for telecommunication service providers. Our systems were designed to fulfill industry specific requirements such as: minimizing human errors, supporting Internet-based customer self-service, integrating the industry-standard technologies and the ability to implement our solutions in a very short timeframe.

The main features of the systems are the following:

  • Supported services: MNO, MVNE, MVNO and landline services

  • Both pre-paid and post-paid customers are supported

  • Multi level user access rights

  • Multiple languages

  • Multiple currencies

  • Easy to shape menu system

  • Web-based GUI

  • Real time message processing

  • Batch- and unique invoice generation

  • Multi level tariff implementation

  • Felxible discounting

  • Multiple billing cycles


Our systems keep records of customers, contracts and service access points, authenticates and authorizes the customers. They are able to collect and rate call data records (CDR), handle pre-paid balances and prepare bills. Calls with the customers can be recorded as well.  The operation is always tailored to the business processes, rendering the use of our soultions easy to handle, and the learning process short, so the end users get familiar with the system easily.


Mobile communication platform that fully covers the OSS / BSS functionality of MVNE / MVNO service providers, but also a smaller mobile service provider. It is modular, easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure and delivers serious performance. Services: CRM, pricing, discounting, provisioning, payment channels, web portal, reporting and APIs for external systems.


eebpp™ solution provides electronic bills complying to the legal regulations. The generated documents are available to the customers via a web surface in one of the most well-known formats, e.g. in PDF. The system also generates an email notification to the customer, who can access the document authenticated by high security electronic signature and timestamp - after the proper identification. 

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard is a cloud-based web application that brings your data to life! We help you and your organization understand, track, and display KPIs, metrics, and other key information.

Use the Executive Dashboard to collect, share, and view the data that matters most to you in real time. You can also create interesting visualizations to track data over time, allowing for historical comparisons so you can keep track of your business’s development on mobile devices, your computer, or a large-scale office display device.


WebCare™ is a platform independent business portal system, that runs on every wide-spread operating systems and easy to integrate into databases. Its modular design ensures the opportunity to follow the future needs of the ever changing business environment (e.g.: increasing capacity or functionality). WebCare™ provides bi-directional data communication with the backend system via a data provider system, resulting in extreme data security.


New generation transaction rating engine, which is designed and optimized to a throughput of 50 million (CDR, EDR) transactions per hour per processing node. Ideal for telco- or utility providers, or any company, where the real time or near time batch rating of a great volume of transactions is essential, or new services should be implemented to the market within a tight timeframe.




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Request based software development
  • Industry and segment specific solutions

  • Business process automation – workgroup and workflow solutions

  • Integrated ERP and business support systems

  • Business critical systems

  • Mobile solutions

  • RPA (RoboticProcessAutomation)

  • Cloud based solutions


Business solutions
  • Mass billing systems

  • Collection management

  • Billing in outsource

  • Software operation

  • IT infrastructure planning and operation

  • System integration

  • Migration

  • Big Data / BI / Data warehouse

  • Consulting (development, testing, organizing)

Resource outsourcing
  • Software development

  • Software testing

  • Support

  • Consulting

Professional competences

IBM i series (AS400) / Windows / Linux IT operation

DB2 / PostgreSQL  database management and migration

RPG / Java / Angular / Oracle development and architectural competence

monitoring and analysis operations for studies

Industry specific solutions

Support of data warehouse implementations with testers and experts

Operation of electronic registry systems

Fraud system operation and support

Document management, registry and document digitization services

Implementation and operation of telecommunication solutions

Digitization and automation solutions for industrial, public utility and financial sectors

Project methodology approach

Survey, specification, planning

Indicative offer, cost estimation


User Acceptance test (UAT) and „hyper care”

Testing and bug-fixing

Installation and handover-takeover

Detailed offer, defining milestones and validity time

Dedicated team, implementation, development phase

Training and operation