EuroMACC 25


On April 10, 2021, EuroMACC Ltd. celebrates its 25th anniversary

EuroMACC is one of the companies that were founded in the '90s and still operates profitably.
The initial rapid and steady growth resulted in stable, continuous operation and a massive market presence. We have tried ourselves in many countries, e.g. Poland, Austria, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and in Hungary we have become a market leader in mass billing.In the last decade, we have entered new market areas, such as waste management and mobile application development.
We have been working with our customers for a long time and in the long run. Their satisfaction is also confirmed by a recent survey.
We survived the global economic crisis of 2008, and coping with the pandemic that hit us in 2020. 2021 started with great prospects, which prove the thoughtfulness of our strategy.

Here are some thoughts from our colleagues:

GÁBOR HAUSER - managing director, owner
Gábor, how did the history of EuroMACC begin?
I worked at Jásztel as an IT manager when as an American investor and system vendor, MACC established EuroMACC Ltd. on April 10, 1996 to implement its own billing solution. From Jan. 1, 1997, I became CEO, as the American CEO moved home to the US.
The telco market outside of mobile operators was absorbed around 2001-2002, which was greatly accelerated by the Y2K problem as it led to the replacement of obsolete IT systems.
I became an owner in 2008 when a representative of the American owner wanted to retire and the mother company has lost its interest in Europe. The buyout was completed in 2014.
We set up our Polish office and targeted other neighboring countries as well. But then the consolidation of the telecommunications market accelerated and the 2008 crisis hit. The planned expansion stopped everywhere. In terms of customer numbers and subscriber service, we have been growing steadily, and implementations with hundreds of thousands of subscribers have started in Hungary one after the other. Over time, we also managed to move towards mobile services and systems.

Which results do you feel the most successful?
In my opinion, our biggest successes were the implementation at the Dutch UPC, the Polish office, Invitel, the Austrian Ventocom project, MVM NET, NHKV and Mobil AdatLtd.

What do you think about the future of the company?
We’ve had a lot of drama, financial and HR issues already, but we’ve always gone further. Over the next 10 years, we will continue to develop and conquer new segments. We also forecast growth in IT and application operations.

Peter, how did you find each other with EuroMACC?
I came home from South Africa in 2003 after my contract with Sony Ericssonexpired. A friend recommended me to EuroMACC. At first, my job was to increase process efficiency, later I became the successor to the commercial director. We agreed with Gábor that it would be more successful in business management and business acquisition if I were also owner of the company.

Please share your successes with us.
At the time, we had a large portfolio of contracts, with large amounts of system implementations with alternative telecommunications companies. However, due to the consolidation of the telecommunications market, really large new contracts could not be concluded for a long time. My first serious business success was Ventocom in Austria, then NHKV and Mobil Adat - the latter started out as a small but successful business, here we were able to introduce new services and technologies that we could use elsewhere.

What do you think about today's opportunities?
Our strategic goal is to modernize the company and enable it to enter into new, large contracts. This requires new connections, new technologies. The home office has been proven as a work culture during the Covid-19 epidemic, and this will need to be incorporated into routine operations in some way. We have started to implement this already in 2020, and our achievements so far confirm our initial ideas.

When, how and why did you join the company?
In September 1997, with the recommendation of an acquaintance of mine, I came to the company as a billing specialist in the Jásztel area. At the time, the two main customers were Monortel and Jásztel, for which EuroMACC was looking for a colleague with AS / 400 knowledge to bill the latter. I was a programmer, but I was looking for something else, this position was a significant professional advance for me. I was interested in IBM AS / 400 technology and here the systems no longer had to be programmed, but operated.

Looking back, how do you see the company’s past?
By the turn of the millennium, EuroMACC was in a favorable position due to the Y2K problem, since most of the telecommunications companies were unable to handle the 2000 transition. This gave us the opportunity to introduce our system to them one after the other. Due to the expanding customer base, we had to hire new colleagues. For cashflow reasons and due to the growing needs of our Clients, we established our Billing Bureau division, to provide outsourcing billing services to them. I became the leader of this business department.
Our strength is the excellent team, teamwork and professional cooperation between the different fields.

What were your biggest successes?
The biggest successes for me were the huge data migration projects and the timely delivery of the large deployment projects. The introduction of NHKV was also a success, as we have implemented a system in a new industry with a nationwide clientele. It is a good thing to train the newcomers and to develop their work ethic.

and the future?
We need to be open to new areas due to the narrowing the telephony segment. In the future, the launched R&D activities, such as e.g. there were also Medsys and Spritz projects, new technologies will need to be introduced.

FANNI (new colleague)
Fanni, when and how did you join the EuroMACC team?
During my programming training, EuroMACC was one ofthe school's partner companies, so my CV was sent here. At the interview, we have found the common voice immediately. I remember the old office before renovation, it gave a very “oldschool” feeling, but colleagues said that a complete renovation was coming, young colleagues would be hired, a major transformation was expected. That's how now we have become a young, cool company, the office environment is very pleasant.

Have you had any successes yet?
I’ve learned a lot here and I couldn’t wish for a better start to my career. Colleagues are always supportive, I always have someone to turn to. I started here, so I can’t report successes yet, but when my APP was added to the appstore in the Spritz project, it felt quite good. Here I have learned a new programming language, everything is a success for me.

Budapest, April 10, 2021.
György Kósa & László Szabó