General image change

22. April 2020

After a comprehensive change of image affecting all visual elements, EuroMACC has a more youthful, dynamic look.

Image is what first comes to our mind about a company, it expresses and describes the nature, operation and mission of the whole organization. Although the company’s external and internal communications and ethical codex are also more or less part of it, generally we mean the design elements that the company uses to express its own identity.
We tried to create a completely coherent visual world that started with last year’s office redesign. The color scheme and design elements used there are back in the new design, which also affects the logo, paper-based and electronic materials, as well as the website.
Igyekeztünk teljesen koherens látványvilágot kialakítani, mely a tavalyi iroda átalakítással kezdődött. Az ott alkalmazott színvilág és formai elemek köszönnek vissza az új design-ban, mely a logót, a papír alapú és elektronikus anyagokat, továbbá a weblapot is érinti.

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